Dad: Does He Bring You Peace?

How peaceful are you right NOW? What is it like to be in your skin? Are you relaxed, secure, and safe? Do you feel supported or do you feel alone?

Recently, my peace was disrupted by a robbery. My office was broken into and personal items stolen. I felt violated, unsafe, and shocked. I have a home office, separate from the main part of the house. I was home, had left my office at the end of the previous day, all was good. When I opened the door early the next morning, I discovered my laptop missing and flat screen TV was gone.

The greatest loss was my peace. I felt shaken and unsafe. My home could not protect me from someone who did not care about me. They had entered my office as I slept and robbed me of internal security. The laptop and TV could be replaced, but could I regain the internal peace that was so shaken.

Peace is a relational issue. Peace does not come from things, but from someone who cares about you. Things don’t make you feel safe, RELATIONSHIPS DO. The more care you internalize, the more secure and able to adapt to whatever comes your way. Primary relationships, like your Dad’s, are key to a solid foundation for life. Peace surrounds you through the love and support of those who love you.

Jehovah-shalom is the God of peace. As my heavenly Father, He offers peace in whatever circumstance I find myself. He is always present and continually inviting me to trust Him through any challenge that comes my way. He is the one who brings peace. When my peace is disrupted, I can turn to Him, trust Him to restore my peace. I am growing in my trust of Him. He is bringing the safety and security I need to handle whatever comes my way.

I hope you are at peace NOW. I invite you to listen to my podcast of July 12 at I share my own journey of moving from a place of “stolen peace” to a place of “peace restored.” Shalom!

Daniel Hicks