Passionate Living Couple’s Workshop

Through this 2-day therapeutic workshop, couples discover the joy and spiritual potential within their relationship.
This workshop is often compared to three to six months of weekly therapy and includes lectures, written exercises and live demonstrations of helpful communications skills and processes. Although much of the Workshop takes place in a group setting, you are not required to share with other participants. You share only with your partner in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

February 14 - 15, 2020

Friday: 2pm - 7pm

Saturday: 8:30am - 6:30pm


“We attended the Couple’s Workshop with a desire to change and we learned many ways to communicate with one another while acknowledging each other’s feelings.  Phil and Karla are so open and honest about their story and it gives me hope for our brokenness.”

“The Couple’s Workshop taught us structured communication as a new amazing tool to use.  This was a huge leap forward in our relationship.  It was definitely two of the most valuable days we’ve had learning how to grow a healthy marriage.”

“The Couple’s Workshop taught me how to communicate with my spouse safely.”

“I discovered childhood trauma that is projecting in my present at the Couple’s Workshop.  It was awesome to see what a healthy marriage really looks like.  This was a life-changing weekend!”

“We attended the Couple’s Workshop because we are committed in trying to grow individually and as a couple.  We’ve been able to understand how our pasts affect our present.”

“I am so thankful for Phil and Karla.  They are real.  They are authentic.  They have learned to heal and grow in God’s true design of marriage and they have helped us to do the same.”

“I wish my husband and I had received the tools we learned this weekend when we were first married.  It was life changing!”

“This was not your average marriage retreat.  The Couple’s Workshop had a back porch environment that opened the door to real conversations and tools for future intimacy.”

“No matter how long your married, the Couple’s Workshop is valuable to improve communication and intimacy with your spouse.  It is very applicable for day to day living with another person.”