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Fish Camp - Men's Coaching Weekend

Join us as we uncover the mystery of God's design for us in the center of community.


The Men's Coaching Weekend is a unique environment for men committed to learning a relational paradigm for growth. Throughout the weekend, men learn new relationship skills and benefit from interaction with other men. The goal for each participant is to learn how to communicate openly and assertively, and receive constructive input that will serve as a blueprint for how he can begin to grow in all areas of his life. 

The structure of the Men's Coaching Weekend, aka Fish Camp, includes a retreat and a follow-up program. The follow-up involves weekly Friday morning gatherings called Men's Coaching - Reel2Real that meets from 6:30 to 7:45 @ Page Palette Book Store. Through the retreat and follow-up, a man will see his life change as he experiences community while connecting with other men who are seeking to grow through this intentional format. 

Here's Feedback from the most recent Fish Camp: 

I enjoy attending Men's Coaching Weekend to continue walking with Christ in community. I have learned the love of my Father and brothers at this place. Thank you!

Men's Coaching weekend helped me to recognize and deal with isolation I've been living in as well as how to restore relationships. I've learned the real value of community and its good for the soul to shine in a safe environment.

Men's Coaching weekend is where I learned how to actually share and relate to other men's weaknesses. It is such an accepting atmosphere of safety.

There is no safer place for men to grow in relationship with Jesus and a learning community than at Men's Coaching Weekend.

I left Men's Coaching weekend feeling qualified, identified, polished, and loved. I now know myself and am known by others.

Men's Coaching Weekend is great for men's fellowship and connection. I've learned that I have to be honest to start to heal. I was able to tell my story here and hear the stories of others.

Men's Coaching Weekend helped me realize the power of male community, encouragement, and mentoring. I have a desire to get connected at a deeper level with other Christian men now.

Men's Coaching Weekend encouraged me to pursue my wife and trust that she is indeed a gift from God. I loved re-learning that God uses what is broken to make something new.

I attended Men's Coaching Weekend to try and make some personal improvements. I learned some new ideas on how to be more in touch with emotions to improve relationships with intimacy.

Men's Coaching Weekend taught me about self-awareness. I need relationship with a community of men and learned that I should reach out to my wife more. Great Weekend!!


$450.00 > All First Timers. 
$100 > All Alumni. 
-Scholarships are available. 
-Please make checks payable to BPO, Intl. 
-Pay online with link above